RBS Engineering - Electrical Engineering Services

Services provided by RBS Engineering include field engineering, startup and erection, scheduled and routine maintenance and testing of electrical apparatus. Our main expertise is in medium and high voltage electrical substation equipment.

Our goal is to offer total service solution. In addition to testing and commissioning of
substation equipment, we are equipped to offer emergency inspection and repair during unscheduled outages and equipment failures.

A sampling of these services includes but is not limited to:

Transformer testing and repairs including insulation resistance, winding resistance, excitation current, ratio testing, Doble insulation power factor, oil analysis, overall condition assessment, tap changer repairs and auxiliary equipment modifications.

Gas, Oil, Air and Vacuum Circuit Breaker testing and repairs including insulation resistance, Doble tests, 100A contact resistance, timing-motion analysis, oil analysis (where appropriate) overall condition assessment and repairs, modifications and upgrades.

Protective Devices and System Testing Services includes protective relaying testing to verify with manufacturers design parameters, and adjustments if possible to return to manufacturers standards, trip circuit checks and verifications and protective system upgrades to state of the art technology.

Switch gear and motor control services include field-testing, modifications and repairs. We offer upgrade services and onsite bus manufacturing capabilities as well as match in line and breaker retrofills.